adaptio – 5 Things Every Disabled Bathroom Needs

As a specialist bathroom design and installation company with a passion for providing the perfect facilities for individuals with a physical impairment, the members of Adaptio’s specialist team regularly enjoy helping people to decide what their ideal accessible bathroom might need. Of course, every individual’s requirements are different – so creating a functional and attractive design that takes all requirements into account takes a good amount of time and thought. To help you make a start on your new bathroom, Adaptio has put together this handy guide which specifies all the elements you may need to consider – whether you’re adapting an existing space or installing something totally new.

  1. Improved Access

Wheelchairs require a safe path between objects that is a minimum of 1500mm in width to allow their users access to all facilities. If you’re designing a bathroom for a specific user with a particular type of impairment, always be sure to look up the relevant construction regulations to ensure that your newly installed fittings are easy for them to navigate.

  1. Specialised Fittings

Adaptio supply and install bathroom appliances and features that are purpose-built for individuals with access needs – and their compliance procedures exceed basic industry standards – so you can be sure that they will be able to supply you with fittings that go above and beyond to achieve what you need from them. Any number of bathroom items can be made to be accessible, from walk-in and wheelchair friendly baths, showers and wet rooms to height-adjusted sinks, easy-to-use taps and toilets with supportive railings and automatic flushing.

  1. Perfect Privacy

 When it comes to accessible bathrooms, many of the products on offer are designed to allow the user as much self-sufficiency as possible. Specially positioned hand rails, hands free systems and automatic washing and drying means that those who make use of an adapted bathroom may do so with the utmost privacy and comfort.

  1. Optimised Safety

Of course, with certain impairments come a need for added safety measures, particularly in isolated situations such as a visit to the bathroom. That’s why options such as slip resistant textured tiles and “threshold-free” showers and baths have been developed, in order to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls for an experience that is both easy and safe. Safety Alarm systems can be installed too for peace of mind if you need to call for assistance.

  1. A Tailored Experience

Remember, every mobility issue  is different and requires unique types of support and assistance. While it’s possible to create a bathroom design that covers a wide variety of needs, it takes a great amount of understanding to arrange a setup that is truly “one size fits all”. If you’re concerned that there may be something you haven’t thought of, Adaptio’s knowledgeable advisers are on hand to help you seven days a week.

If you’d like to take the first steps towards fitting your ideal accessible bathroom, simply call Adaptio today on 0333 3209 660 or email to discuss your requirements. The team will always be happy to assist you and answer your queries and supply a free brochure.

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