adaptio – A Buyer’s Guide to Walk In Baths

 You naturally want your home to be welcoming and comfortable for yourself and your  visitors. The bathroom, in particular, is a space where accessibility is key – and one of the most effective ways to make your bathroom accessible for those with a physical impairment or difficulty is to fit a walk in bath. Bathing in a regular bath  without additional fittings and features can prove extremely difficult, dangerous and stressful for people with mobility issues – and for some, it’s impossible without assistance. For an easy and comfortable bathing experience, the accessible bathroom specialists Adaptio are on hand with some vital advice about the kinds of bath you can obtain and the fantastic attributes that can render them perfect for the user’s needs. So what options are out there? Read on to discover the amazing things you can achieve just by swapping your traditional bath  out for a walk in bath, complete with specialised features.

Why Choose a Walk-In Bath?


Particularly useful for wheelchair users and those with very limited mobility, many walk in baths do away with any form of restrictive step in the entrance to the bath, meaning there is no chance of tripping over or becoming stuck on an obstacle. This means that it is much easier to transfer from the wheelchair or lower oneself onto the comfortable built in seat once inside.

Shower Over Bath and Other Useful Facilities

For those who prefer the ease of use and the precise washing options available through the use of a walk-in shower, many baths  are available with easy to use shower systems fitted above them. Taps can be operated using hands-free methods if required, and you can even opt for a body dryer to help in the post-wash process without any form of assistance.


 Another excellent feature that is common to walk-in baths is the double plug hole (or waste) set up, which allows the tub to be drained extremely swiftly for safety purposes and an easier, quicker way to exit the bath when you’re finished. A watertight door completes the ensemble, meaning there are no leaks and you can enjoy an easy means of getting in and out, whatever your level of mobility.

Safety and Safety Standards

To allow an accessible bath to be operated and utilised with confidence and peace of mind on the part of both its owner and those who bathe in it, the designs from Adaptio have the very best of safety features. Easy to grip, perfectly positioned railings can assist in lowering oneself into the bath or rising from it once you’ve bathed, or in transferring to and from a wheelchair into the bath. A textured, slip resistant surface on the bottom of the bath means there is a heavily reduced risk of tumbles, falls or skidding, resulting in one less thing to worry about at bath time. In fact, all fittings provided by Adaptio are tested to the highest possible level, complying with all British and European health and safety standards. Excellent quality and craftsmanship is assured with the CE mark on each item. Products from Adaptio also come with a five year maintenance free warranty, so you can be completely satisfied with the safety and quality of your investment for long years to come.


Types of Walk-in Bath

Various Designs for Your Comfort and Ease

Bathing ought to be enjoyable and relaxing for everyone, with no extra stress, worry or complication involved. That’s why many walk- in baths come fitted with a comfortable seat that is built into the structure of the bath and is extremely safe and easy to use. Accessible baths can also come in a range of depths, with a Deep Soak Bath available to allow for greater immersion whatever the user’s sitting position, preventing the need to lie back. These designs are also shorter in length to prevent any risk of slipping down into the water.  Divan baths are also a very popular option that is both safe and relaxing, as they allow for a higher set base for ease of access at a normal sitting height.

Hydrotherapy and  Chroma therapy

For many people, bathing is about more than just cleaning oneself. In fact, many physiotherapists recommend adapted bathtubs to assist in recovery or the easement of particular conditions. To that end, baths can be fitted with warm and soothing spa  jets – featuring a number of speed and motion settings – that help to massage stiff or spasming muscles and relieve the pain and tension that comes with a number of conditions. Chroma therapy options also exist, by which your tub can be programmed to light up in a series of gentle, calming colours that can help the user relax and be relieved of all stress and mental pressure.


How Much Does a Walk-In Bath Cost?

A typical new, high quality walk- in bath usually costs upwards of twelve  hundred pounds. Of course, the exact final price depends on the bath’s  specialist features and the number of options you choose. As you’ll be well aware, it’s extremely important to opt for the precise fittings required as dictated by the user’s needs, as under-investing can mean further trouble down the line when it comes to accessibility or safety, and the potential to have upgrade or modify your bath.

Naturally, Adaptio takes into account any VAT exemptions you may have as a result of a disability, so be sure you have a copy of your HMRC approved VAT Exemption Form to ensure that VAT is not included on your invoice. Adaptio also boasts a “Low Price Guarantee”, meaning that the company will match any like-for-like rate quoted to you by any other reputable company in writing, to ensure you are getting high quality bathroom fittings at a reasonable and competitive price.


How To Install a Walk-In Bath

It’s extremely easy to begin revolutionising your bathroom. The best way to start is to make a list of all elements you require in a new bath to allow it to perfectly suit the user’s individual needs. Following this, you can contact Adaptio and explain your specifications to them in order to check what can be provided. One of the most important practical checks you need to perform relates to the size of the bathroom fitting you are expecting. It may be that you need to rearrange existing appliances in the room to make space for your new tub, or, in some circumstances, the room itself may require changing or extending.

What’s Next?

A number of services are available to allow you to get started on your journey. Firstly, you can apply for a free home visit and consultation, where a qualified expert will come to inspect and survey your existing facilities at a time of your choosing, taking detailed measurements to inform the design and installation  process. They will talk you through your accessibility needs and optional fittings and design features that may benefit the users of your new bathroom, including use of space and safety options and requirements. After this consultation, at which you will be encouraged to ask any further questions you may have about the design and fitting process, Adaptio’s specialists will generate a free 3D photorealistic image and a fully dimensional, itemised floor plan, along with any necessary additional comments they feel may help, to show you exactly what they can achieve in your home. Only when you are completely happy with their ideas will you need to go ahead and arrange for the installation to begin. The team of fitters at Adaptio are regularly DBS checked, and have over twenty five years’ worth of practical home improvement experience. They have fitted hundreds of bathrooms together, and continue to work to exceptionally high standards that surpass those set out by industry guidelines. All contractors used are fully vetted and selected on their experience, skill and attention to detail, so you’ll know your bathroom is in safe hands. Your bathroom will be fitted in a closely monitored, careful, responsible and timely way. Your new accessible fittings will be in place in no time, with no mess and no fuss, and will last for years at full functionality. Features available to be fitted in your bathroom include accessible showers, wet rooms, sinks, hand rails, slip resistant textured tiles, walk -in baths, specialised toilets and bidets, body dryers and many more revolutionary appliances that can be used to improve accessibility and user-friendliness across the board.

If you are keen to move ahead with the installation of your new accessible walk-in bath, just get in touch with Adaptio today. You can call on 0333 3209 660 or email via Their consultants are on hand seven days a week, and their friendly, helpful advice and guidance is completely free. Contact them today to discover the answer to all your questions and find out all the possibilities that are open to you and to obtain a free brochure.See what you can achieve with your bathroom, and enjoy excellent quality and peace of mind from here on.

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