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For some, how to fund the necessary home improvements needed to live their everyday lives can be a concern.

We understand that if you don’t already have savings in place to cover the cost, it can add financial worry.

To allow more of our customers to benefit from the hassle-free and expert service that we provide, we have proudly teamed up with Age Partnership, the over 50’s money experts, to offer you an alternative solution for paying for the improvements or alterations that you may need.

Age Partnership have over 15 years’ experience in helping homeowners aged 55 or over to release some of the money locked up in their homes.

As well as being multi-award winners, they are members of the Equity Release Council and so you can rest assured that you are getting trusted and expert service from the UK’s number 1 equity release provider.1

What is equity release?

Your ‘equity’ is the difference between the value of your home and any mortgage you might owe. Equity release can give you access to some of this money, which would otherwise stay tied into the value of your property.

By releasing a portion of the equity in your home, you’ll have money to spend on the home improvements you wish to make – and it’s tax-free.

Plus, with most lifetime mortgage plans, there is no requirement to make monthly repayments. That’s because the amount you release, plus any accrued interest, is repaid when your property is sold as you move into long-term care or pass away.

What’s more, with a lifetime mortgage secured against your property, you still retain 100% ownership2 of the home you love.

Why we’ve chosen to work with Age

We know that this can be a big decision to make. That’s why we’ve carefully chosen Age Partnership, as they have helped over one million people decide if equity release is right for them and they work with well-known leading lenders across the whole of the market to secure the most suitable plan for your circumstances.

They offer Adaptio customers free, personalised quotations, with no obligation to proceed, so that you can understand if equity release is right for you, including everything you need to know about equity release, the effect on the amount of inheritance you can leave and if your entitlement to means-tested benefits could be affected now or in the future.

To find out how much money you could unlock and request your free guide…

To request your free no-obligation quotation, please contact Age Partnership directly on 08000 921 115 or email

Things to consider:

Equity release may involve a home reversion plan or a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, please ask Age Partnership for your personalised illustration.

Age Partnership provide initial advice for free and without obligation. Only if you choose to proceed and your case completes would a typical fee of 1.95% of the amount released be payable (minimum £1,495).

Equity release requires paying off any existing mortgage.

a satisfied Age Partnership customer…

Thank you Age Partnership – Excellent customer service and lovely, understanding account manager who explained every detail clearly and listened to our questions. Everything went smoothly and we are delighted with the way the whole process was conducted.


1Touchstone data, number of equity plans Jan 2018 – June 2019.
2You only continue to own your own home with a lifetime mortgage.

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