adaptio – The number of adapted bathroom installations are on the rise

Home and business owners across the country are taking a big positive step and refitting their bathroom facilities to be more accessible for those with mobility issues and disabilities. There are a number of reasons for this – firstly, company directors are quickly beginning to realise that, if they continue to avoid installing accessible bathrooms and toilets, they are effectively isolating a large portion of their audience – because who wants to spend any significant amount of time at a venue or location if it’s impossible to use their facilities?

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adaptio – Can I Get a Disabled Facilities Grant? How to Apply

Disabled Facilities Grant

Whether you own or rent your home, you may be eligible for a disabled facility grant. This can be an extremely valuable allowance for those who require elements of their property to be adapted for use by individuals with access requirements or mobility issues. So – might you, or a member of your household, be eligible for this grant? Read on to find out how to check, and how to go on to apply.

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adaptio – What is the Difference Between Shower Trays and Wet Rooms?

If you’re considering having new specialist elements installed in order to improve the accessibility of your bathroom, it’s definitely worth taking two separate options into account when looking into shower fittings. There are a plethora of bathing and showering features that can prove extremely helpful to individuals with mobility issues, but one particular question is regularly asked: which should I choose – a traditional shower or a wetroom? Adaptio, a company that undertakes specialist bathroom design as well as providing a wide range of individual accessible fittings and fixtures, counts an excellent range of both amongst their collections. Here is their guide to the difference between shower trays and wet rooms, to help you decide which will be best suited to your new bathroom.

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adaptio – How to Make a Bathroom Suitable for Disabled People

If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom to be more accessible for those with a disability, additional access needs or any other requirements, it can often be difficult to know exactly what should go into its new design. Luckily, Adaptio, the accessible bathroom specialists, have a wealth of experience in installing bathrooms that are disability friendly, so they have put together this useful guide to the steps you need to take. See below for some points to get you started.

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adaptio – How Does a Wet Room Work?

If you’re considering installing an accessible shower or bath, you should definitely make sure you’ve look into wet rooms too. There are so many benefits to this particular bathroom feature, particularly for those who have specialist access requirements. Adaptio are experts in bathrooms and bathroom fittings, including wet rooms, that are designed to be extra accessible for those with disabilities – so take a look below at their brief guide to this versatile bath and shower alternative.

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adaptio – A Buyer’s Guide to Walk In Baths

 You naturally want your home to be welcoming and comfortable for yourself and your  visitors. The bathroom, in particular, is a space where accessibility is key – and one of the most effective ways to make your bathroom accessible for those with a physical impairment or difficulty is to fit a walk in bath. Bathing in a regular bath  without additional fittings and features can prove extremely difficult, dangerous and stressful for people with mobility issues – and for some, it’s impossible without assistance. For an easy and comfortable bathing experience, the accessible bathroom specialists Adaptio are on hand with some vital advice about the kinds of bath you can obtain and the fantastic attributes that can render them perfect for the user’s needs. So what options are out there? Read on to discover the amazing things you can achieve just by swapping your traditional bath  out for a walk in bath, complete with specialised features.

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adaptio – 5 Things Every Disabled Bathroom Needs

As a specialist bathroom design and installation company with a passion for providing the perfect facilities for individuals with a physical impairment, the members of Adaptio’s specialist team regularly enjoy helping people to decide what their ideal accessible bathroom might need. Of course, every individual’s requirements are different – so creating a functional and attractive design that takes all requirements into account takes a good amount of time and thought. To help you make a start on your new bathroom, Adaptio has put together this handy guide which specifies all the elements you may need to consider – whether you’re adapting an existing space or installing something totally new.

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Sarah’s Story – My Tern Shower Tray Is A Revelation.

It was whilst working as a hairdresser that I started to experience some difficulties walking. What started out as a limp gradually deteriorated and in 2004 I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS. Although I am able to walk using crutches I had to give up my hairdressing career which I loved and I now work in the local college as an education support assistant.

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adaptio – Complete Guide to Accessible Bathrooms

As we progress as a society, we are swiftly leaning away from a “one size fits all” approach to both public and private facilities, and the world is gradually becoming a more welcoming place for it. After all, every individual, whoever they are, has their own variety of access requirements – from simple preferences to vital necessities.  One of the most obvious ways in which we can work towards the inclusion of all levels of mobility is in bathroom design. Adaptio is an established interior fittings brand specialising in accessible bathroom products and design. If you’re considering adapting your bathroom to be easier for those with a disability to use, read on to discover Adaptio’s expert advice on the subject of accessible bathrooms and the importance of their being embraced within interior development and planning.

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adaptio – 5 Tips for a Safe Disabled Bathroom Adaptation

Adaptio Disabled Bathroom Adaptation Blog
When adapting a bathroom for a disabled or elderly person there are several steps you can take to ensure the design and installation of the project is a success and that the adaptation has created a safer bathroom environment for all the users.

The fitting of a disabled bathroom can be an extensive technical project. Below, see our five-step guide to performing adaptions to your bathroom.

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