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    For those interested in installing a disabled bathroom, St Helens residents should look no further than Adaptio, a specialist accessible fittings company based less than ten miles away in Wigan. Adaptio works with each client to design and install their perfect arrangement of fittings, though, if it’s just one or two items you require, they also stock a wide range of bathroom goods specially designed for use by people with access requirements. Here are just a few of them:

    Disabled bath: St Helens residents can choose from walk-in, deep soak, divan, hydrotherapy and chromatherapy tubs, plus a great deal more. All glass doors on Adaptio’s walk in baths are made from 10mm toughened glass and feature a very simple single lever door lock. The base of the baths are treated with non slip material, while sturdy handrails and comfortable seats ensure that you always feel safe and secure.

    Disabled shower: St Helens citizens with access requirements can also benefit from the installation of an accessible shower. Adaptio’s level or easy access showers can also be treated with non slip flooring – the best available in the market – along with easy to use impact resistant doors, Biomaster antibacterial product protection (which ensures that the growth of bacteria within the shower is inhibited by 99.99%) and options for assisted bathing. Take a look at the case studies focusing on Adaptio’s showers and you’ll see that they have been created directly with the user in mind – and sometimes with an individual user assisting in their development!

    Disabled Wet Room: Another practical, accessible answer to the standard shower, wet rooms save space and, with Adaptio’s water repellent screen treatment applied, are incredibly quick and easy to clean. They can even come with underfloor heating, which adds an element of comfort and luxury as well as a means to speed up the drying process in the room after use. You can also opt for a remote controlled body dryer for your ease.

    Disabled Toilet: Adaptio’s toilets come with options for automatic washing, drying and flushing, a choice of pedestal-based or swung wash basins, adjustable height and an optional macerator which allows for many more locations at which the toilet may be fitted within your home.

    Hard-wearing handrails and non-slip tiles for your bathroom floor also work towards a safe, comfortable environment in which individuals with access needs will be able to use all bathroom facilities without any difficulty. If you’re interested in fitting a new accessible bathroom or any number of disability friendly features, all you need to do is get in touch with the knowledgeable team at Adaptio today. They have a dedicated customer service line you can contact at any time to ask for assistance and advice. Just call 0333 3209 660 to reach it, or alternatively you can email info@adaptio.co.uk, and an adviser will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Remember, if you receive VAT exemption due to a disability, you can provide Adaptio with your exemption form as you discuss your fitting in order to save money. They also offer a low price guarantee, meaning that if you are able to obtain a like-for-like quote from another reputable provider, Adaptio will match it to ensure that you are getting the best price.

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