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    If – in the near future – you’re planning to install an accessible bathroom, Southport residents and those further afield shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with Adaptio. We specialise in features that enable those with limited mobility to use the fittings and items in their bathroom with ease and comfort. We feel passionately that the more accessible bathrooms are fitted, whether in homes or in public spaces, the fairer the world will be.

    Disabled Toilet Blackpool

    Here are a few of the specialist products we can provide for you:

    • Disabled Bath – Southport residents with access needs will have no problem enjoying their evening soak in one of our beautifully designed tubs. There are myriad options available, including deep soak, hydrotherapy or chromatherapy, walk in and divan, all of which can be fitted with comfort and safety features such as seats, non slip bases and double plug holes for fast drainage.
    • Disabled Shower – Southport shower users can also benefit from items available through Adaptio. All of our showers come with level or easy access, options for seats, sturdy hand rails, a wide range of anti slip trays and screen sizes and easy to open doors.
    • Disabled Wet Room – an alternative option to a shower is a wet room, which is a similar concept but with the showering area built into the bathroom. The base sits flush with the bathroom floor and the cubicle can either be open to the rest of the room or separated from it by a simple divider or wall. These are extremely easy to clean and save a great amount of space. You can also opt for a state of the art remote controlled body dryer to top everything off!
    • Disabled Toilet – Even our toilets come with optimised features to make life easier for those with access needs. From hand rails to automated washing and drying to swing wash basins, we have everything you need for a straightforward experience.
    • Safety Features – Not only do we provide sturdy handrails, comfortable seating and quick draining options for our showers and baths, we also offer non slip tiles for your bathroom floor for extra peace of mind.


    If you’re looking for perfect toilets, showers, wet rooms and baths for the elderly and disabled, Southport is just a stone’s throw away from our offices in Wigan. All you need to do for further information and assistance is to give our dedicated customer service line a call on 0333 3209 660 or email info@adaptio.co.uk today, and we’ll be sure to help you out. Our team can oversee the design and fitting of your new bathroom from beginning to end and also provide you with a free home visit and survey, free photorealistic visualisations and fully dimensional itemised floor plans along with ongoing help and support.

    Disabled Bathtub Blackpool

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