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    There’s one ideal place to go if you’re looking for experts to assist in the design and fitting of your new disabled bathroom – Wigan. The Northern town is home to Adaptio, a specialist accessible bathroom company with extensive experience of creating and building perfect handicap-friendly facilities. We understand that disabilities come in a huge number of forms, and not all are even visible, so we pride ourselves in our ability to create bespoke designs that perfectly match our customers needs. Here are a few features that we can help you to choose and fit:

    Accessible Baths

     There are a multitude of options available when it comes to accessible tubs. From walk-in to wheelchair friendly to hydrotherapy, chromatherapy and divan-style, if you’re looking for a disabled bath, Wigan is the place to go for Adaptio’s specialist help.


    Accessible Showers and Wet Rooms

     Baths aren’t the only option, of course. The diverse variety of showers and wetrooms on offer for use by individuals with access requirements is very impressive. Both facilities offer the option of a seat, and can feature secure handrails and a large amount of space. You can even opt for towel free drying gadgets.

    Accessible Toilets and Basins

     It is vital for all people – whatever their level of ability – to be able to use the toilet easily and comfortably. If you’re looking for the perfect disabled toilet, Wigan will again deliver. Adaptio’s toilets can feature automatic flushing and washing facilities, swing wash basins and features that allow for the adjusting of seat height. Secure railings should be fitted for anyone with limited mobility, and Adaptio can assist you in selecting and fitting these too.

    Safety Features

     We’ve already mentioned the sturdy railings we offer, but our concerns for safety extend far beyond these. From our textured non-slip floor tiles to our specialist baths of shorter lengths and adjusted sitting positions to prevent the possibility of the user sliding down, Adaptio has your best interests at heart.

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    So What Exactly Can Adaptio Help Me With?

     The skilled team at Adaptio can help you to oversee the process of fitting a brand new accessible bathroom from start to finish. Beginning with a free home visit and technical survey – which is then used to inform free photorealistic visualisations and fully dimensional itemised floor plans of your potential future bathroom – and ending with our fitters building your ideal new facilities to exceptionally high standards, we will be by your side all the way. We even have a dedicated customer service team that you can call at any time to ask for help, advice and guidance.

    What’s Next?

     All you need to do to get started is to call Adaptio today on 0333 3209 660 or send an email to info@adaptio.co.uk and we’ll be able to start talking you through your options. We can help whether you require a single fitting or a whole new bathroom, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Remember, if you are subject to VAT exemption, you will not have to pay tax on our products, so please ensure that you mention this and supply us with a copy of your exemption form while arranging your fitting.

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