walk-in, hydrotherapy & chromatherapy baths


Walk-in baths installed from £5,500

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    We offer several different types of ‘walk in’ bath to suit your own particular needs with a power lift option too:

    Deep Soak Bath, Shower Bath, Walk-in Bath, Divan Bath & Assistive Bath

    They are all available in a range of different sizes to fit in different applications. All our baths are hand built and finished in the UK and have an anti-bacterial surface finish.

    They have specially designed features for your comfort and safety:

    • All our baths have two wastes (plugholes) for faster drainage and safety.
    • The shower baths have slip resistant bases in the showering area.
    • Our Assistive baths are deeper in the seated area so that you can enjoy a better soak.
    • Our Divan bath has a higher set base for ease of access at normal sitting height.
    • Our glass doors are 10mm toughened glass with simple single lever door locking mechanisms for easy access.
    • We offer both left and right handed door options to suit different applications.
    • All our baths can be fitted with a hydrotherapy spa system and a chromotherapy lighting system for greater relief and relaxation.

    Hydrotherapy Spa System

    The idea of hydrotherapy, through use of moving water, is no modern trend. Its use dates back to as far as both Roman and Ancient Greek times when the benefits of “water healing” were well known.

    The encompassing warmth of moving water will relax muscles which in turn can bring about a decrease in pain and muscle spasm. Stiffness can also be eased as the warmth of the water cause blood vessels to expand and improve blood circulation. It helps to soothe the nervous system and relax the body and mind and can offer safe relief from various medical conditions e.g. tension, stress, rheumatic pain, back pain, stiffness and poor circulation.

    We can install a simple push button, four speed massaging spa to your bath, with twelve carefully positioned jets, to inject an invigorating massage affect to your bathing experience and to provide relaxation, health and well-being.

    Our hydrotherapy systems are manufactured by one of the most established and leading companies in hydrotherapy systems in the USA, internationally recognized for high quality products, reliability and expertise.
    They comply with all relevant British standards, European safety standards and carry the CE mark.


    Benefit from the relaxing and theraputic effects of colour in your bath.
    Immerse and bathe yourself in colours to create an ambience of tranquility for relaxation and well being.

    Chromatherapy is also known as Colour Therapy and it is believed that the seven colours of the rainbow are infused with healing energies to promote balance and healing in mind, body and spirit.

    We can install an LED lighting system into your bath which generates any of the seven colours of the spectrum that permeates the bath softly in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.
    Simply push the touch button to choose a colour or for a sequential fading effect gently through the spectrum range.

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