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    We offer a number of different options that allow independence, comfort and convenience enabling a toilet to be installed in virtually any location in the home. Our technical experts can advise on the most practical solution for your needs:

    • Automatic Flushing and Washing Toilets
    • Adjustable Height Toilets
    • Swing Wash Basins
    • Full or Semi-Pedestal Wash Basins

    An optional macerator can be supplied which allows you to fit a WC almost anywhere in your home for added convenience.

    Automatic Flushing and Washing Toilets

    We offer two automatic flushing and washing toilets, both designed to improve personal hygiene and independence in the bathroom. They provide flushing, washing and drying from one simple operation. They are helpful if you have restricted use of your hands and by reducing hand contact it also provides improved hygiene for everyone.

    Closomat Palma Vita

    • Simultaneous flushing and washing, a unique feature.
    • Improved personal hygiene – cleaning with water not paper.
    • Can be used at all times as a conventional WC.

    • Combines functions of a WC and bidet with the addition of drying air.
    • Closomat’s unique one touch system allows you to benefit from the toilets automatic functions by just pressing and releasing the elbow pad.
    • Simple ‘hands free’ action automatic flushing, warm water washing and warm air drying.

    • Big John seat available to increase maximum load to 362kg/57st, please ask.
    • UK made in a dedicated factory.
    • Customised to suit individual needs.

    Geberit Aquaclean 8000 Plus Care

    • Easy to operate and virtually touch-free.
    • Adjustable spray arm washes user with a gentle, oscillating or pulsating jet of warm water.
    • Water temperature can be adjusted providing a pleasant experience, even for the most sensitive skin.
    • Programmable user profiles.

    • Oscillating forward and backward spray movement of the water ensures a thorough clean.
    • Combining the traditional features of a bidet, the lady wash provides a gentle clean.
    • Spray nozzle is rinsed with fresh water before and after each use ensuring spotless cleanliness at all times.

    • Gently dries you with a flow of warm air after washing.
    • Built-in air purification activated as soon as the user sits down eliminating unpleasant odours.
    • Wash and dry cycle can be easily activated by either the push-button control panel or by the Opto infra-red remote control.

    Adjustable Height Toilets

    We offer adjustable height, low level and raised height toilets to suit your needs.

    The wall hung adjustable WC frame allows the WC pan to be hung at a specific height to suit the user, from 350mm to 510mm. It is robust and can accommodate a 400kg weight if required. The cistern also incorporates a chrome dual flush button.

    The low level toilet has a seat height of 480mm which is the best height for transfer from wheelchair to the WC.
    We also have a raised height option if required.

    Swing Wash Basin

    A wash basin that moves to suit your’s or your Carer’s needs. It improves hygiene and dignity by moving the basin to within reach of a person in a wheelchair or on a toilet. Carers can move the basin away to create space for safer transfer methods. A swing washbasin is also ideal for smaller rooms where access is limited.

    • Shape and size of the washbasin ensures users can use the basin from the front or sides.
    • Wash basin arm and basin both swing by 180˚.
    • Discrete, flexible plumbing is integrated within the arm.

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