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Adapted Wet Room

Wet rooms supplied and installed from as little as £4,950

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    Create a luxurious five star feel in your home with an adapted wet room.

    A wet room is an area which creates a spa like feeling in your own home, where the room and the shower area blend seamlessly to create a luxurious open space.

    Wet rooms have grown in popularity in recent years, as they provide a stylish alternative to an enclosed shower if you have limited space. While some people prefer the indulgence of a bath, others find that the convenience of a shower suits their lifestyle.

    Wet rooms for the elderly are easier to maintain than a traditional bathroom and give you more floor space as the drain is set into the floor.

    Installing a sleek and contemporary wet room can increase the value of your home.

    A wet room for a physically-challenged person is the perfect solution, as removing a bath creates an abundance of space. Generally they are easier to clean, especially without a raised shower tray and they provide a safe showering environment for anyone with mobility difficulties.

    We recommend installing under-floor heating in an adapted wet room, as this will help to dry up the water after use. It’s a good idea to install controls both inside and outside the area where water will reach, so you can turn water on and warm it up before getting wet. Also, consider using large format tiles, which are easier to maintain with fewer grout lines to keep clean.

    If you have a larger bathroom you may want to incorporate a Deep Soak tub with hydrotherapy and chroma therapy options for the ultimate spa solution.

    We offer a complete package of screens, tiles, and under floor heating. Our technical experts will work with you to decide the best options for your requirements

    Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements further or arrange a free home consultation and free 3D design

    Wet room screens

    Our screens are manufactured from high-quality safety glass that’s 8mm thick.

    The durable, low maintenance, glass screen is pre-treated for you on both sides to repel against water, lime scale and soap scum, for convenience and hygiene.

    Underfloor Heating

    Underfloor Heating is the perfect accompaniment to a wet room. It will quickly dry your tiles after showering and give you that extra warm underfoot comfort.

    Our underfloor heating systems come with a 3iE® Energy Monitor Thermostat. This has a graphical energy monitor which shows exactly how much energy is being used and when. It accurately measures the floor temperature allowing you the control to save energy.

    We also offer the 4iE® Smart WIFI Thermostat which can be used from your smartphone, tablet or computer to control your heating. It can also be used to control radiators as well as your underfloor heating.

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