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adaptio – How to Make a Bathroom Suitable for Disabled People

If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom to be more accessible for those with a disability, additional access needs or any other requirements, it can often be difficult to know exactly what should go into its new design. Luckily, Adaptio, the accessible bathroom specialists, have a wealth of experience in installing bathrooms that are disability friendly, so they have put together this useful guide to the steps you need to take. See below for some points to get you started.

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adaptio – A Buyer’s Guide to Walk In Baths

 You naturally want your home to be welcoming and comfortable for yourself and your  visitors. The bathroom, in particular, is a space where accessibility is key – and one of the most effective ways to make your bathroom accessible for those with a physical impairment or difficulty is to fit a walk in bath. Bathing in a regular bath  without additional fittings and features can prove extremely difficult, dangerous and stressful for people with mobility issues – and for some, it’s impossible without assistance. For an easy and comfortable bathing experience, the accessible bathroom specialists Adaptio are on hand with some vital advice about the kinds of bath you can obtain and the fantastic attributes that can render them perfect for the user’s needs. So what options are out there? Read on to discover the amazing things you can achieve just by swapping your traditional bath  out for a walk in bath, complete with specialised features.

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