adaptio – The number of adapted bathroom installations are on the rise

Home and business owners across the country are taking a big positive step and refitting their bathroom facilities to be more accessible for those with mobility issues and disabilities. There are a number of reasons for this – firstly, company directors are quickly beginning to realise that, if they continue to avoid installing accessible bathrooms and toilets, they are effectively isolating a large portion of their audience – because who wants to spend any significant amount of time at a venue or location if it’s impossible to use their facilities? A second reason is that, as more superb products are being developed with features that make using the bathroom much more straightforward and comfortable for those with access needs, more and more households and workplaces are discovering the potential independence that their family members and colleagues could be experiencing. Finally, as a society, we are living longer – and, naturally, we want to be able to enjoy the ease and comfort that we have always had, whatever our age. Falls can be a major cause of injury amongst people over 65 years old, and installing an accessible bathroom is one of the best ways to combat this problem and allow people of more advanced years to enjoy total independence in safety.

So, how can we change our bathrooms to make them more accessible?

More and more options are being developed each year to improve the ease with which individuals who have mobility issues can use bathroom facilities, so you’ll have an excellent amount of choice if you decide to upgrade. From basic safety features, such as tiles and shower trays treated with non-slip materials for increased grip, to sturdy hand rails, accessible baths, showers and wet rooms, specialist toilets and simple but highly effective drying options, there are so many possibilities available. You can even consult with specialist suppliers and arrange to fit an entire new bathroom in one go for your ease and peace of mind.

How Exactly Can Accessible Bathroom Fittings Help?

Along with the safety and security provided by treated tiles and durable hand rails, there are a number of facets and features that have been developed for each bathroom item to improve its user-friendliness, depending on individual requirements.

  • Baths can be fitted with watertight doors to improve access, speed of entry and exit, and ease of transfer for wheelchair users. Shorter tubs are available to prevent users from slipping down, and hydrotherapy systems can be installed for extra comfort. Most accessible baths come with two drainage points so that the tub can be emptied speedily.
  • Showers and wetrooms can feature comfortable chairs, half-height “carer” doors for assisted washing, treated glass and shower trays for the prevention of limescale build up and bacterial spread, and remote controlled body dryers.
  • Accessible toilet brands offer the option of automatic flushing and washing, adjustable height and swing or pedestal-set wash basins.

Isn’t It Expensive to Refit Your Bathroom?

Adapting your facilities to be more accessible doesn’t have to cost the earth. While a basic bathroom set with tiling included can come to as little as £3,950, there are other resources available to help with your expenses. You can apply for a “Disabled Facilities Grant” via your local council, which is a means tested fund to help you meet the costs of installing new accessible fittings, while the tax on your new products may be waived if you have a HMRC approved VAT exemption form. Finally, if you arrange your installation through Adaptio, you can take advantage of their Low Price Guarantee, whereby if you have a written like for like quote from a reputable UK retailer within the accessible bathrooms field that is lower than Adaptio’s advertised price, the company will match it – ensuring that you receive the best savings.

How Do I Get Started?

Adaptio can help to oversee the fitting of your new bathroom from start to finish. Just request a free home visit at the date and time of your choice, and one of the company’s experts will honour it as soon as possible. They can discuss your needs with you and undertake a professional survey to check what would work best in the space you have. Following this, they will create a free photorealistic visualisation of the proposed layout as well as a fully dimensional itemised floor plan. They’ll also arrange to send an expert team to undertake the installation quickly, neatly and efficiently. Throughout the process, their knowledgeable customer services team will be on hand seven days a week to answer any queries you may have. For further information, simply call them today via 0333 3209 660.

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